Turn your loving thoughts into loving actions.
A Course in Miracles says to "Teach only love, for that is what you are."


But how do you speak and act from that love when you're paying bills, your boss is putting pressure on you, your child is acting up in school, your spouse forgot to unload the dishwasher (again), and all you really want to do is go to the movies and lose yourself in La La Land?


If you're like me, it's one thing to read (or write) about spiritual principles like peace and harmony. It's another thing to live them out consistently day to day.


That's the real practice—speaking and acting from loving thoughts.


That's why I'm excited to offer a new 40-day course, Loving Thoughts/Loving Actions. It'll give you tools from A Course in Miracles to handle everyday situations—and let you go to bed at night feeling more rested and at peace about your life.


Imagine having the confidence to know you can handle situations like these:


  • A friend wants to share her drama with you—and you don't want to go there.
  • Your spouse is feeling stuck, while you feel like you're growing.
  • Your boss is blaming you for something you didn’t do.
  • Your child is getting in trouble at school.
  • Your brother-in-law talks about politics at all your family gatherings—and not in a good way.
  • Your community is enacting laws that you disagree with.
  • A cashier at the supermarket is rude to you.
  • An old friend unliked you on Facebook because you don’t agree with her views.
  • Your spouse is angry with himself and instead yells at you.
  • You witness someone being bullied and aren't sure what to do.


These are real situations—the kind that can hit our hot buttons and trigger not-so-loving words and actions in no time.


So how do you stay mindful in the midst of real life? How do you speak up? How do you disagree without blame? How do you stay true to what you believe, and do it with love?


To give you a solid foundation, we'll cover five key principles from A Course in Miracles:


1. Seeing with the eyes of Spirit. With this fresh perspective, you'll see the dynamics of any situation and be able to react with compassion and confidence. 


2. Loving yourself. Build a loving relationship with yourself, and every other relationship in your life will change for the better. You'll learn how you can value yourself more, how to ask for what you need, and how to use the words "Yes" and "No" so they'll make your life better rather than busier.


3. Living with unity instead of separation. Does it seem like it's often easier to be judgmental than kind? An essential teaching from the Course explains why. Putting this one principle to use in your life can help break the cycle of conflict. 


4. Practicing forgiveness. This can be a tough one, but only because of the way we define forgiveness. The Course has a whole different definition that will help you see events from the past differently, doing away with anger and blame so you can experience real and lasting peace.


5. Asking for help from Spirit. This is what allows the miracles to happen. By building a relationship with Spirit and asking for help everyday, we can trust our ability to turn loving thoughts into loving actions.


You'll see how to put these
principles into action every day of your life.


At the core of the Loving Thoughts/Loving Actions program is a whole series of examples—scripts, if you will—for how to handle situations like the ones listed above.


You'll receive sample conversations, actual examples and words to use in those tough situations that often take you by surprise.


You may not run into every one of these situations, but every single example will help you. That's because the thinking behind our loving words and loving actions are similar, no matter what the circumstances.


The many examples you'll receive throughout the course—and the repeated exposure to new perspectives—will give you countless ways to handle situations in your life.

Loving Thoughts/Loving Actions starts May 8
and runs through June 16


You'll receive...


Four one-hour teleclasses with real-life guidance and coaching. Each one will include Q&A sessions, with your chance to have your questions answered live.


Daily emails. These gems are short and filled with practical wisdom to keep you on track and give you a new perspective all day long. You'll love receiving these priceless and beautiful little gifts in your mailbox every morning.


Actual scripts of ways to handle common life situations. They'll give you everything you need to put your loving thoughts into words that heal so you can handle conflicts with peace.


Downloadable questions for every teleclass to use for your own journaling and meditation.


• Weekly videos introducing that week's theme, with activities and journaling prompts to keep you focused.


Links to the teleclass recordings so you can play them back and continue to be inspired.


• A check-in at the beginning and end of the program so you can celebrate your journey...all that has changed within you, and all you've created.



Your special bonus gifts


I want you to say "Yes" to Loving Thoughts/Loving Actions because I know how much it will improve your relationships, your job, your health and your peace of mind.


That's why I'm offering three very special gifts.


1. A pocket stone that will help focus your thoughts and stay in what A Course in Miracles calls "right-mindedness."


These are specially engraved and polished river rocks. Each one is unique in shape and coloration, and we'll hand-pick one just for you.


You'll receive either "We are here with you always" or "Please heal my fear-based thoughts." And each one comes in its own drawstring bag.


The pocket stones are available only for the first 25 people who sign up, so be sure to register right away!


2. A downloadable copy of Your Resource Inventory. I use this with my coaching clients, and it's an invaluable tool to get a clear picture of your life and the resources you can draw on both spiritually and in your community.


3. Audio recordings of three special guided visualizations specially developed to help you express loving thoughts into words and actions. They're perfect for starting your day, just before you go to bed or any time through the day when you want to relax and re-focus.



                                About your instructor

Debra Engle is the bestselling author of The Only Little Prayer You Need: The Shortest Route to a Life of Joy, Abundance and Peace of Mind, featuring a foreword by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and an endorsement by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.


Her most recent release, Let Your Spirit Guides Speak, conveys practical and simple ways to build a relationship with your spiritual team.


In 2005, she founded her company, GoldenTree Communications, which offers coaching in life skills, classes in A Course in Miracles, writing and personal growth retreats, and mentoring in writing and publishing.


In addition, she writes a blog called “Everyday Miracles,” for patheos.com, the world’s largest spirituality site.



It's time to put your thoughts into action.


If you wonder how to handle situations and conversations in your life, this course will give you essential tools to accelerate your spiritual growth and make real changes.


Because it IS a course, the more you participate, the more you'll get out of it—in fact, the more everyone will get out of it, because we'll all learn from each other.


So mark the start-and-end dates, May 8 and June 16, on your calendar, and know that all the days in between are your gift to yourself as you make a huge leap forward. 


I'll be right there with you!


With loving thoughts and loving actions….together, we can do miracles.


Talk to you soon!



Debra Engle


P.S. I can't emphasize enough how practical this program is—and how powerful, since it draws on the wisdom and teachings of A Course in Miracles.


I fully believe you'll come back to the ideas and examples in this program again and again. That's why I'm offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied for any reason, just let me know and you'll receive a full refund.


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May 8 to June 16, 2017


Teleclasses will be held May 8, May 22, June 5 and June 15 at
8:30 p.m. Eastern, 5:30 p.m. Pacific

Please make every effort to be on as many of the live classes as possible so
we can have rich discussions and Q&A. If you have conflicts with the dates, just let me know.
Teleclasses will be recorded so you can play them back.


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